Claire Corkram – associate trainer

Claire Corkram
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As associate trainer I co-train on Writing a Winning Proposal. I aim to share my vast knowledge and expertise on how to write winning tenders and proposals. My previous experience within a very competitive industry will help you perfect your bid.

My background and experience

I have my own business consultancy; CLC Consultancy which offers Business Consultancy specialising in employability, training and mentoring. My career has predominately been working within the competitive recruitment industry at a corporate level and business consultancy for Business Link. I am a qualified professional who understands the importance of employee engagement and development whilst remaining competitive and achieving the maximum return on the profit line.

My expertise

During my career I have been successful in writing numerous proposals to win contracts on both a local and national level within competitive price driven industries. My expertise in understanding all the elements required to gain a more competitive edge on your proposal over and above price will help you make the right decision and investment on the proposals you bid for.

My greatest achievements so far

Definitely gaining a first class honours degree whilst working full time and running a home!

I have a positive outlook on life and believe that has been a major influence on my achievements in my career to date; when you have decided to do something and are passionate about it you will thrive; my passion is helping others.

What makes me tick

I am a people person and am passionate about helping others; the sense of achievement when you have supported someone to reach a goal, develop their skill set and grow personally is very rewarding.

The companies and organisations that I admire most

This is a tough one; I have worked with hundreds of companies over my career. I admire organisations that reward individuals on their achievements and have a true sense of fairness to allow all employees to shine. Employee engagement is critical for business survival in the current climate I believe that comes through employee development, recognition and fairness.

Why I feel investing in people is important

Employee development and keeping knowledge and expertise in your business by investing in your employees is critical in today’s climate. To remain competitive businesses need to react quicker, faster and in a more competent way than their competitors; by investing in your team and yourself you will gain a huge competitive edge, stay current and develop your professional competency leading to a more sustainable and profitable business.

Something else about me

I have been fortunate to do a lot of travelling in my life and have had some fantastic holidays; skiing in the Canadian Rockies; walking the Great Wall of China; white water rafting in Kicking Horse River. Those who know me best know I am equally happy at home with my family walking our dog “Henry” in Abington Park.