Maria Gallucci - associate trainer

 Maria Gallucci
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As an associate trainer I co-train on Employment Law for Managers and Social Media & the Law at Work. I put my legal knowledge and training skills to good use to help managers understand in a practical way how to manage safely and within the law.

My background and experience

I am a specialist employment solicitor with Woodfines Solicitors.  I have 12 years experience of working with many varied types and sizes of companies, assisting them with all their employment law needs. I am also an experienced trainer in a number of employment law topics.

My greatest achievements so far

There are many that I could list. Apart from my legal qualifications, my achievements include assisting to develop a successful employment law business and assisting clients resolve tricky employment law problems.

What makes me tick

Helping people to see that no problem is incapable of resolution and helping them find the resolution that works for them!

The companies that I admire most are

Those that realise that their people are their greatest asset and treat them accordingly. That doesn't mean always being 'nice' but being fair and giving clear directions.

Why do I feel that investing in people is important

Good training is essential to develop the key people in any business which in turn will contribute hugely to the success of that business. I remember I delivered a training course to an organisation that was having difficulty in getting its managers to take responsibility for managing their teams. After the training the HR manager told me that they now have the confidence to not only deal with the day to day issues but they were also tackling the bigger issues too - with her support of course!.

Something else about me

With my Italian heritage I have a real passion for Italy and all things Italian. I make regular trips to Italy as often as I can.