Employee Engagement Surveys for SMEs

You know what your employees are doing for your business. With our employee engagement surveys we can help you understand what your employees are thinking and feeling about your business. 

'A man was asked what he was doing. He replied he was laying bricks. A second person was asked what he was doing. He said he was building a wall. A third man was asked what he was doing. He replied he was building a cathedral. A fourth person was asked what he was doing. He said he was building a place of worship.'

Over recent years employee engagement has become increasingly part of  how business leaders and managers think . Employee engagement can be described as the physical and emotional state people have about working for their company or organisation. Higher employee engagement delivers greater discretionary effort where people go the extra mile. Engaged employees feel motivated, valued and show a passion for their work, their company and their customers. Engaged employees have less absence, higher commitment and act as company ambassadors.

As an active member of the Engage for Success movement, we at Beyond Theory will use our expertise to partner with you to help you build a strategy to increase the engagement of your employees. Our confidential and easy to use surveys will provide you with the insight you need to first benchmark and then decide how get the most from your people.  Your survey will give your people the opportunity to say how they feel your about company and what they see as opportunities to get even better.

Employee Engagement Surveys for SMEs

Our expert project management approach will:

  • Take care of all the survey design and necessary mechanics
  • Host the survey to ensure integrity and confidentiality
  • Help you understand what your survey will tell you
  • Link your survey results to other key business data by using our employee data analysis service
  • Provide objectivity and help you build a realistic action plan to manage and implement your employee feedback

Our consultative approach will ensure that your survey will fit into your bigger picture to meet your strategic aims, using our experience for your benefit. Just like employee engagement, one size doesn't fit all. Therefore we'll design and build a survey to match your business needs and fit your budget. You will be in control of the whole process - we'll do all the hard work for you.

For a complimentary and no obligation consultation, please contact senior consultant Paul Beesley on 01604.212505 or email paul@beyondtheory.co.uk.