Our Corporate Social Responsibility

At Beyond Theory we take our corporate social responsibility (CSR) very seriously. Being based in Northamptonshire we look to support local businesses and our community whenever we can. All our CSR activity has purpose, primarily aimed at supporting those who we feel will benefit from our skills and experience.

We believe that helping Northamptonshire and its surrounding area to flourish and grow is good for our community as well as good for business. We’ve outline below the initiatives that we are involved in - please contact us for more information if you’d like to know more or get involved:

As a founder member of Work Inspiration Northamptonshire we help organise and take part in activities to help jobseekers from across Northamptonshire get into work. We know that work is good for people, providing income, stimulation and help meeting social needs. Since 2012 we have regularly taken part in Work Inspiration Northamptonshire’s Successorize events, which became a regular feature in Northampton’s calendar of events. Although Work Inspiration Northamptonshire is no longer in operation we still actively support helping Northamptonshire and surrounding community in a number of different ways:
Building on our theme of helping jobseekers, at Beyond Theory we believe that, wherever possible, prevention is better than cure. Therefore in March 2014 we were delighted to accept the invitation to support Northampton Academy‘s ‘Maximise Your Potential‘ event by delivering employability skills training to help students prepare for their own work experience.
In 2013 senior consultant Paul Beesley accepted an invitation to join the board of trustees of Service Six, a leading charity based in Wellingborough, Northamptonshire that provides support services to vulnerable children, young adults and their families. Paul has since been appointed as treasurer at Service Six, who have been awarded numerous contracts to deliver services across Northamptonshire and the surrounding areas.
Further afield from Northamptonshire, Beyond Theory also supports Milton Keynes Executives Action (MKEA). This community interest group provides support for unemployed executives by giving advice and guidance on job seeking. Since 2013 we have spoken at MKEA events to share our knowledge and expertise and this will continue.
We provide interactive workshops at Caroline Chisholm School to enable students to explore the world of work . We pay particular attention to the work behaviours that employers expect from their employees as well as what goes to make a great CV. These workshops have featured as part of the school’s careers day event.
We provide insights into the world of work at Northampton High School to to help bridge the gap between business and education and inform career choices. These workshops are very hands on that create lots of energy and innovation, encouraging team work.
We are delighted to work with Cynthia Spencer Hospice as part of their Cynthia Spencer Means Business programme. We provide business focused workshops to support business growth whilst encouraging participants to support the Hospice’s fabulous work in providing end of life care.