Personality Profiling: Emotional Intelligence

As human beings we are sociable. Therefore having successful relationships is important to ourselves and others. In a world where we can easily become swamped by data and information it is important to recognise that understanding our emotions and the emotions of others. This is what is described as emotional intelligence. 

Emotional intelligence, often referred to as our emotional quotient or EQ, has strong links to increased personal effectiveness. Developing our EQ influences our ability to better perform tasks, make sound judgements and solve problems. Some experts argue that EQ can be more important than our cognitive intelligence quotient (IQ) when it comes to being successful at work. Our levels of emotional intelligence impacts our personal lives too. 

Emotional intelligence can be measured. We use the Emotional Judgement Inventory ™ (EJI ™) to achieve this.

The Emotional Judgement Inventory (EJI):

  • Is based on the well respected model of emotional intelligence by Salovey & Mayer.
  • Measures seven key aspects of emotional intelligence.
  • Includes an impression management scale that detects faking or distortion.
  • Provides a solid and objective basis for recruitment, selection and/or development. 

Here's more information on how emotional intelligence makes leaders more effective: 

Use the EJI to: 

  • Increase productivity by helping your team work at their most effective level of performance.
  • Help your leaders and managers to connect with their team members so they feel inspired, motivated and bought in to what your business os seeking to achieve.
  • Help understand and influence the emotions of others, enabling your leaders, managers and salespeople to be more effective.
  • Increase individual personal effectiveness by helping people manage their own and others emotions more successfully.
  • Build resilience by helping leaders, managers and team members cope with today's demands and pressures. 
  • Take a deeper dive to understand the drivers of behaviour that cannot be explained by other cognitive measures, taking your coaching and counselling skills to a higher level.

Completing the EJI online takes c20 minutes to complete. You will then receive a comprehensive debrief on a 1:1 basis unless a group event is preferred. Please contact us details including prices. 

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