FIRO-B - available online

Relationships at work are critical to business success. Using the FIRO-B psychometrics helps teams and individuals understand how relationships build and what can go wrong. FIRO-B also helps trainers and facilitators understand group dynamics and to point the way to increased group effectiveness.

FIRO B psychometric  is one of our key tools that we use to coach business leaders, individuals and teams. Our senior consultant Paul Beesley has been a qualified FIRO-B practitioner for almost 20 years. Using his knowledge and experience he helps -

  • People to understand their needs and wants for inclusion, control and openness and how this impacts on their behaviour.
  • People to understand the needs and wants of others how these can differ from their own.
  • People to avoid unnecessary conflict in teams.
  • Business leaders develop their interpersonal skills to influence others to achieve their goals.
  • Customer service teams build rapport and relationships with customers, resulting in increased sales and enhanced business opportunities.
  • Trainers and facilitators understand more about group dynamics.

Why not carry out your own FIRO-B profile? It isn’t expensive and the rewards can be enormous.

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