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My Hopes and fears for the World of Work Post-Pandemic

You must be on another planet if you haven’t been impacted somehow by the Coronavirus pandemic. It has been said by many that the world will never be the same again. I have to agree. Not only for those who have sadly lost loved ones but for all aspects of our day to day lives. So, what does that mean for the younger generation in the world of work? As a student about to start my second year at University, here are my views.

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Relax - Customer Service Is Easy. Or Is It?

“Customer service is easy”, “There’s no real skill to customer service, you just have to be nice”. “Just treat customers how you’d like to be treated”. As a trainer at Beyond Theory, delivering courses on exceptional customer service, I’ve heard these words many times. So, if delivering customer service is so easy, then why are so many companies and organisations asking for our help?

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