Sales Through Service training
- available face-to-face and online

We don't believe in the hard sell.
Neither do your customers.

Selling can be a real headache. But it doesn’t have to be this way. We believe in sales through service because it works.

Our sales training focuses on our unique consultative selling approach.

We teach you how to solve your customers’ problems so you get the sales you need.

Ask yourself - How well does my team...?
  • Approach and qualify potential customers effectively
  • Reach the correct person and define their needs
  • Fully explain the features and benefits of the products and services on offer
  • Anticipate and overcome objections
  • Judge when to either conclude the sale or keep options open
  • Follow up and maintain positive relationships with existing and prospective customers
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All of our training is highly interactive. We use

  • Individual exercises
  • Group discussions
  • Best practice examples
  • Skills practice

Our training builds knowledge, skills and confidence.

Why and how our training works

Our philosophy fits today's world where most people are choice rich yet time poor.

Our 6 step approach to consultative selling is logical, easy to understand and use. It works in face to face and telephone sales.

Our clients love it because it is ethical and sells only to need. This enables long term relationships to develop and flourish.

After this training you and/or your team will be able to:

  • Spot and act on opportunities to cross-sell and up-sell in an ethical and responsible way
  • Use the science of persuasion to sell
  • Demonstrate the key sales techniques to understand and sell to your customers’ needs
  • Use our PROBE methodology to effectively qualify new sales opportunities
  • Use our proven 6 step approach to consultative selling
  • Spend less time on following unproductive sales leads
  • Enhance your reputation as a deliverer sales through great customer service

Sales is not a dirty word.
Learn how to solve your customers’ problems so you get more sales.

Pricing and Duration:

3 x 3 hour fully interactive modules
(total 9 hours learning including skills practice)

Cost per person
£199 +VAT

(minimum number of participants apply)

Contact us to discuss how we can raise the level of sales in your company.

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