Personality Profiling

Discover your strengths and blind spots with the Strength Deployment Inventory ® (SDI ®) - coaching available online

Completing the SDI® gives you and your team with insights into your strengths, overdone strengths and conflict style.

Contact us to discuss the benefits of using the SDI®. 

Whether face-to-face or online using our interactive video conferencing, our debriefs will provide you and your team members the information you need to build productive and sustainable relationships:

  • Strengths and blindspots
  • Overdone strengths 
  • Conflict management 

Using the SDI® continues to grow in popularity. No wonder. This personality tool is so easy to understand and use. But is has research and gravitas behind it too.

Whether it's leadership training, team building or customer service training that you need, please contact us to explore how using the SDI® will help you get the results that you are looking for.  

Building and sustaining relationships is vital in business. Using the SDI® personality profile will help you and your teams become more effective by understanding the values and beliefs that drive their behaviour. The quality of our SDI® training is enhanced by the fact that we only use authorised SDI® materials purchased from Personal Strengths Publishing.

Understanding personality profiles will strengthen team work for everyone in your business. SDI® will help trainers and facilitators understand individuals’ needs and wants in training and coaching situations.  Customer service teams can excel when they learn how to match and borrow behaviours to increase their sales performance.

As a qualified SDI® practitioner, our senior consultant Paul Beesley has been helping leaders develop and teams grow for over 20 years.

Our expert training helps:

  • People to understand their motivational values and belief systems and how these drive behaviour.
  • People to understand the motivation and behavioural patterns of others and how these can differ from their own.
  • People to identify their own conflict style and how this can be managed.
  • Business leaders develop their interpersonal skills and leadership capabilities to influence others to achieve their goals.
  • Customer service teams build rapport and relationships with customers to increase sales and develop business opportunities.
  • Trainers and facilitators understand more about their own behaviours and group dynamics to increase their overall effectiveness.

Why not carry out your own SDI® profile? It isn’t expensive and the rewards can be enormous.

Call us on +44 (0)1604 212505 or contact us to request a call back. We’d love to explore how SDI® profiling can help you to optimise your business performance and that of your team.

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