Engaging Leaders Training Programme - available online

Our Engaging Leaders Training Programme is a leadership development training programme is designed for managers to develop their knowledge and skills to become an engaging leader. Being an engaging leader increases employee motivation and engagement and raises levels of customer service. 

We deliver this programme to management teams within companies and organisations across all sectors, enabling them to learn together to deliver their employer's vision, values and goals. Our Engaging Leaders Training Programme gets fabulous results.

Set out below is an example of an Engaging Leaders Training Programme that has been delivered to meet a particular company's needs. Using our core modules and the Institute of Leadership & Managment's (ILM) standards, we will design and deliver your very own Engaging Leaders Programme to meet your business needs. In the example below the modules are half sessions. These can be extended or aggregated as required.

Please contact us on 01604.212505 or hello@beyondtheory.co.uk for more information. We'd love to hear from you.

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