Beyond Theory is now accredited by the Institute of Leadership

Beyond Theory is now accredited by the Institute of Leadership

Beyond Theory is now accredited by the Institute of Leadership

Beyond Theory was created in 2012. Two years later we decided to become accredited by ILM. After 10 years of successfully delivering numerous leadership & management courses that have been accredited with ILM, we have decided to switch to the Institute of Leadership as our accreditation partner.

The Institute of Leadership is a professional body that supports improving leadership and management practice in organisations. They have over 75 years’ experience in contributing to the conversation around leadership and management supported by research, insights and over 50,000 members in our community of practice across 70 countries. As a registered charity, they re-invest their profits to deliver their shared purpose and provide cost-effective learning solutions.

The Institute’s mission is ‘Inspiring great leadership – everywhere’.

Why have we become Institute Approved?

All of our leadership and management training programmes are now accredited by The Institute of Leadership. These are:

Our accreditation with the Institute confirms that these training programmes have been independently verified. Accreditation means that our training programmes meet the evidence-based standards of the Institute’s Five Dimensions of Leadership:

  • Authenticity
  • Vision
  • Achievement
  • Ownership and
  • Collaboration

as well as highlighting our own commitment to investing in enhanced leadership capability.

This external validation bestows credibility and confirms that the training programmes we offer have met the Institute’s quality standard. This sets us apart from other training providers and gives our clients and course participants confidence in us as a trusted training provider.

Ultimately, completion of our accredited training programmes provides an automatic route to professional membership with Institute for our learners.

Benefits of accreditation for our course participants

All of our course participants will have student membership with the Institute of Leadership. This means they will have access to the Institute’s unique, curated library of online leadership development resources via its award-winning e-learning platform, MyLeadership.

MyLeadership comprises 49 components, which cover all aspects of leadership and management, including videos, worksheets, scorecards and much more.

Student membership also gives our course participants access to:

  • MyCareers – you can ‘go further’ with access to career information, tools and resources to help you take the next step, with confidence.
  • The Hub – get involved with community forum for leaders of all levels to network, learn and support each other.
  • Explore – an easy way to find everything you need to know about specific leadership topics, all in one place.
  • Events, webinars and podcasts – including the Institute's Book Club, discounted entry to our conferences, and the Institute’s monthly podcast Leadership at the Edge.

Our course participants will be joining a community committed to professionalising the roles of leaders and managers. The recognition our course participants receive for completing the programme is theirs to take with them throughout their career.

What happens when our course participants complete an accredited training programme?

The Institute will provide external recognition of their learning. They will receive a certificate of achievement from the Institute, plus automatic upgrade to professional membership for the remainder of their student membership term. They will also receive a membership certificate, post-nominals (MIoL) and a digital credential to share on social media.

They will also receive access to additional benefits on the Institute’s website. This includes access to MyMentoring, which is the Institute’s platform where members can connect with Fellows across the community for mentoring support, as well as enhanced access to the MyCareers platform.


At Beyond Theory we are committed to meaningful as well as insightful and engaging learning. We look forward to working with the Institute of Leadership for the benefit of our clients, our course participants and the wider community we serve.

Paul Beesley
Director and senior consultant, Beyond Theory

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