Our Beliefs and Principles on Managing Performance

Our Beliefs and Principles on Managing Performance

Since Beyond Theory was created in 2012 we have been helping companies and organisations improve their productivity and levels of customer service. As well as improving the leadership and management skills of our clients, reviewing approaches to managing performance has become a very important part of what we do. Part of our success has been to influence how our clients approach performance management. This includes helping them re-think the way that their teams are recognised and rewarded. Employee engagement and effective performance management are inextricably linked.  

Given our expertise we have set our our own beliefs and values of what is necessary to ensure that managing performance is undertaken effectively. We acknowledge that every company and organisation is unique, but our experience tells us that these beliefs and values can be applied to good effect across all organisations. Read through these and ask yourself how can they be applied where you work: 

  • Work is a force for good and everyone has the right to know how they are performing.
  • Good work needs to be recognised and appropriately rewarded.
  • Work that falls below standard needs to be appropriately addressed and dealt with.
  • Work is about completing tasks that meet the company’s goals and demonstrating behaviours that match the desired company culture.
  • Managers and their teams have a duty to understand the company’s formal processes to measure and record employee performance.
  • Managers should not be constrained by the company’s formal performance management process and given freedom to augment the process when and where appropriate.
  • Managers and employees should be adequately trained to prepare and undertake performance review. This training needs to cover attitude, skills and knowledge.
  • Managers are to be held accountable for how they manage the performance review process in terms of quality of feedback provided as well as frequency of feedback delivered.
  • Appraisal meetings should be future focused rather than only focusing on the past.
  • The performance management process should go beyond online processes and be an engaging and mutually rewarding experience for both the manager and the employee.
  • Companies have a duty to ensure that their approach to performance management is fair and equitable and exists within the employment law framework.

Over recent years many companies and organisations have reviewed their approaches to managing the performance of their employees. Many have taken the opportunity to streamline their performance management processes and up-skill their managers to give feedback and improve the performance of their teams.

Is it time for you and you company or organisation to do the same? Contact us to discuss how our beliefs and values can be applied in your company or organisation.


Paul Beesley
Director and Senior Consultant, Beyond Theory 

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