Valuing your internal brand

Valuing your internal brand

Communicating your company values is essential to provide motivation and increase the employee engagement levels of your people at work. Your values need to align with both customer expectations and employee viewpoints too.

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Your company values determine how all your employees (including senior managers) are expected to behave and therefore determine your brand. This is how your customers will judge you. It's no different for employees either - because of this it is important for your internal and external brands to be closely aligned. Watch this very short video of how Virgin Atlantic used their TV ad to not just celebrate their 25 years of success but also to make the link of how being one of their customers and being one of their employees can be such a great thing. Look out for the words, ‘I need to change my job’ and ‘I need to change my ticket’.

How values determine a brand

Your company values need to be clear for everyone to understand. Your values will become your guiding light and will attract like-minded people – i.e. your employees as well as your customers. Your employees will need to be trained to become competent in the behaviours that demonstrate your values, adding their own personality. Every touch-point with a customer will be an opportunity for an employee to either enhance or damage your brand reputation.

In summary your values will articulate your brand, internally as well as externally. Ultimately your customers and your employees will not judge you by your stated values but  by how you live by them. So make sure they are real.

At Beyond Theory we provide business training and coaching to help employers of all shapes and sizes to develop their own values, their brand and their company culture. Contact Paul Beesley for more information or to request a complimentary consultation.

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