Beyond Theory & Tiny Red

Tiny Red is a discount card built specifically for Northampton, offering discounts on everything from travel to food & drink. The aim of Tiny Red is to promote and support business growth across Northamptonshire. 

As a Northampton-based provider of business training and coaching, Beyond Theory is proud to be a member of the Tiny Red card scheme offering discounts on our learning cafés, training courses, coaching and consultancy services* to other Tiny Red card holders.

At Beyond Theory we are keen to promote and support the growth of businesses local to Northampton.  If you are a Northamptonshire-based business and would like to become involved in this innovative scheme then please contact The Tiny Red team.

(* The discounts that we offer are only available on the learning cafés, training courses, coaching and consultancy delivered uniquely by Beyond Theory and not those that we offer in partnership with other organisations).

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