IoL Level 5 Diploma - available online
for Leaders and Managers

This course and qualification is designed for senior and departmental managers. Our Diploma for Leaders and Managers meets the highest standards as defined by the Institute of Leadership. This qualification will typically take up to 16 months to complete, including the requirement to submit assignments and other evidence of how learning has been applied.

Our Diploma offers blended learning approach, providing a mix of:

  • Online learning where you can learn at your own pace. Our online content spans 10 units covering key topics. Each unit provides high quality input to read, videos to watch and a range of stimulating tasks and assignments to complete.
  • 10 half-day workshops that complement our online learning to check your understanding and debate key concepts. We believe that the best learning is a social experience which is why our workshops work so well.
  • Guest speakers to provide context to the key knowledge and skills that you will be learning. We want you to learn from experts who already have experience working at a senior level.
  • An external visit to a highly regarded employer to observe best practice. We know that learning from others provokes thought and enthuses action.
  • Tutorial support available throughout to provide feedback and make sure you are on the right track. We want to inspire and challenge your thinking so you become a better leader and manager.

We offer open courses i.e. participants from a variety of companies and organisations who complete the course together. This means that our workshops take place at our base at Derngate Mews, Northampton NN1 1UE.

However, we also offer to run our Diploma courses in-house i.e. exclusively for a company or organisation. This means that we can deliver the workshops on your premises if you prefer. The choice is yours.

Here are the units covered on our Diploma for Leaders and Managers:

Leading People

This unit includes:

  • Different leadership styles
  • Leading multiple teams
  • Improving performance in the workplace
  • Understanding the importance of organisational culture
  • Equality, diversity & inclusion in the workplace
  • End of unit assessments

Managing People

This unit includes:

  • Managing multiple teams and remote teams.
  • Developing high performance teams
  • Performance & talent management
  • Effective delegation
  • Recruitment
  • End of unit assessments

Building Relationships

This unit includes:

  • Approaches to customer, partner and stakeholder relationship management
  • Collaborative working techniques
  • Conflict management in the workplace
  • End of unit assessments


This unit includes:

  • How interpersonal skills contribute to effective working relationships
  • Different forms and techniques of communication and their application,
  • Chairing meetings & presenting Information
  • Listening skills
  • End of unit assessments

Operational Management

This unit includes:

  • Commercial awareness and understanding operational management
  • Business development tools and continuous improvement
  • Initiating and managing change
  • The purpose of management reporting
  • Managing data in the workplace
  • End of unit assessments

Project Management

This unit includes:

  • The requirements of project governance
  • How to set up projects
  • Managing projects
  • Evaluating the success of a project
  • End of unit assessments


This unit includes:

  • Understanding the purpose of financial management in an organisation
  • How to set a budget
  • How to manage a budget
  • Financial forecasting
  • End of unit assessments


This unit includes:

  • Understanding own impact on others
  • Understanding emotional intelligence
  • Understanding different learning and behavioural styles
  • End of unit assessments

Management of Self

This unit includes:

  • Different approaches to planning workload
  • Time management techniques
  • Planning personal development
  • End of unit assessments

Problem Solving & Decision Making

This unit includes:

  • Understanding problems and problem-solving techniques
  • Analyse and evaluate data to problem solve and make decisions
  • Understanding decision-making techniques
  • End of unit assessments

Because our Diploma for Leaders and Managers is a blended learning course you will be able to upload your evidence of learning and track your progress. You’ll also be able to message your tutor and fellow participants for support. Learning with us will be an engaging experience and a fully supported learning journey.

Completing the end of unit assessments is mandatory. Failure to submit successful assignments or meet the evidence requirements will mean that you will not achieve the qualification.

Level 5 Diploma Summary

Cost: £2850 (plus VAT) per person.

What’s included: Interactive and engaging e-learning, 10 workshops (includes guest speakers and a best practice visit), tutorial support and learning materials.

Group size: Maximum size of group is 8.

Time scales: The course typically lasts 16 months with a commitment to undertake 11 hours self-learning per month.

Want to know more? Then please contact or call 01604 212505 and quote Level 5 Diploma.

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