Team harmony

I had the pleasure of seeing The Shires live in concert recently. They are clearly a talented couple and clearly a couple in harmony. And great support from their fellow band members too. So much energy and enjoyment from everyone involved.

So what makes harmony? What can we learn from musicians like The Shires who seem to love what they do and have so much success?

Here's our tips for great teamwork in your business:

  • Have a stated vision, purpose and a common goal that everyone understands
  • Have shared values that are aligned to personal values and achieving the vision and goals
  • Be clear about each others roles and responsibilities to avoid overlap and gaps
  • Value difference, understanding how each others skills and capabilities add value to everyone in the team
  • Take time to build relationships that will challenge yet support each other when conflict inevitably arises
  • Ensure that everyone receives feedback on their progress and the contribution the they're making

Relationships will be tested as teams grow and develop through the stages of forming, storming, norming and performing. However, investing in developing the leadership, focus and the team skills will pay dividends in the long term. Team building does not have to involve arduous outdoor activities - but is does require time to focus on how the team is working and not just what the team is producing.

I very much enjoyed watching The Shires. However, I appreciate that musical taste is very subjective. But what cannot be denied is their rapport and harmony along, with the success they are undoubtedly enjoying.

Paul Beesley, senior consultant, Beyond Theory

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