We're off to the awards – not as a finalist but as a judge!

We've been delighted to accept the invitation to judge at this year's UK Customer Experience Awards. We feel that this is fantastic recognition for our expertise in delivering ‘excellence in customer service training'. This builds on the great feedback that we've been receiving from our training course delegates and sponsors.

Senior consultant Paul Beesley will be one of the judges on the day. ‘I'm looking forward to assessing all the entries after the submission date of 5 June', says Paul. ‘I am expecting some real wow! factors. I am particularly interested in innovation in customer service. For me this isn't just about technology but how customers are genuinely looked after and have their expectations blown away'.

Paul will be involved judging categories such as on-line retailing, hospitality and financial services. ‘I am sure that we've all experienced good, bad and ugly instances of customer service in each of these sectors. For me, an excellent customer experience is not just a one off moment but a consistent way of at least meeting if not exceeding customers' needs and expectations'.

Paul is looking forward to meeting and working with the other judges involved in UK Customer Experience Awards 2014. ‘I like the idea of working together as a team, sharing insights and best practice. I am looking for the judging experience to be an inspiring one'.

For more information please visit the following pages for key facts about the UK Customer Experience Awards 2014 and to meet the judges for this year's awards. To speak with Paul, please call him on 01604.212505 or email paul@beyondtheory.co.uk.

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