Social Media and the Law at Work

The explosion of social media continues to impact on the world of work. What can you say about your people - and what can your people say about you, your team and your company?

Cost: £89 (plus VAT)

Our learning café will take you through the issues you can face when dealing with social media at work. Our trainers Paul Beesley and Maria Gallucci will bring you up to speed on the latest  case law and current thinking on best practice for developing a practical social media policy. In particular our café will cover:

  • The growing trends in social media
  • Safeguarding employer's security with regard to social media
  • Employees use of social media
  • Drafting a social media policy
  • Existing case law regarding social media
  • Communication and impact on company culture

About our trainers:

Paul is a Chartered Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Personnel & Development (CIPD) who has blue chip corporate experience as a senior HR manager. Maria is a fully qualified and practicing solicitor with Woodfines Solicitors who specialises in employment law. Together they combine to provide a unique blend of expert and practical input that will answer your questions and influence your thinking to develop a social media policy for your company.

Social media is not going away. It cannot be ignored. Attend our learning cafe to ensure that you and your company can understand the implications and take action to manage effectively in today's fast-paced world.

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