Lauren Metully – Internal Verifier

Lauren Metully

As the Internal Verifier, I provide support to our learners and ensure that they receive the highest quality learning experience. I ensure that Beyond Theory continues to provide high quality instruction based on ILM guidelines.

My background and experience

I spent the past decade working abroad in the educational sector, and bring my teaching passion to the Beyond Theory team. Having paid keen attention to the business inner‐workings of educational institutions across a variety of contexts and cultures during my substantial time in the field, I also bring a unique perspective. In order for them to be successful, I consider it vital that lessons be tailored to the needs of learners, and I’m here to ensure that Beyond Theory does just that.

My expertise

Most of my career has been in education and I have a passion to provide an excellent learning experience for learners. By understanding our learners’ needs, I can provide feedback to our instructors to make sure they are creating a comfortable and supportive learning environment.

My greatest achievements so far

My greatest achievements have been seeing my students achieve their ambitions – whether it was coaching Korean learners to ace their visa interview, helping exchange students gain proficiency in Business English, or helping a salesperson working for a major cloud systems provider to become confident with technical English. There is nothing I enjoy more than helping others set ambitious goals, form a cohesive strategy, and then go on to achieve their objectives.

What makes me tick?

I love new challenges and being out of my comfort zone. I love learning new concepts and theories that challenge my views and help me adapt them to myself and the world around me.

Why I feel investing in people is important

I believe that investing in people is essential for any business to succeed. By putting in the time and effort to elevate others around you, it will only bring about positive outcomes. It is vital that people work together to help others around them so that everyone can work together to achieve their goals.

Something else about me

I have recently moved to the UK after a decade of working abroad and I am enjoying the different quirks of being here. I am originally from the West Coast of United States but grew up in Canada. I have spent the past 10 years in South Korea, Vietnam, and Spain. I love exploring new places and getting to know new people, though I have come to realise that this can be difficult in the great British climate. Nevertheless, when I’m not able to get out and about hiking or sightseeing, I have come to appreciate the simple pleasures one can get from a cuppa and a good book.

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