Improve your stress management at work to improve your business performance 

Venue: Holiday Inn Express, Grange Park, Northampton NN4 5EZ

Cost: £69 (plus VAT)

'I need to work harder, faster... No, I meant faster, harder'. Sounds all too familiar?

Today's business world places us all under pressure which, if not properly managed can lead to poor performance, relationship breakdown, ill health and possibly worse. This fast paced learning café will give you the tools to recognise the symptoms of work-related stress and help deal with the root causes. We'll help you to develop your own personal action plan to develop your own coping strategies too. In particular we'll cover:

  • Causes of workplace stress
  • How our personalities influence our levels of stress
  • Recognising and dealing with burnout
  • Practical strategies for dealing with stress at work

Learning café events are innovative and specifically designed to fit in with business owners' busy work schedules. The half day, fast paced format will enable you to get the essential tools and techniques with the option for more indepth training later. Stress Management is one of a series of cafés that include:

(Customers who attend six café events receive an event free)

Each learning café event begins at 9.30 am and finishes at 12.30 pm. Coffee and refreshments are available from 9.00 am.

Cost: £69.00 (plus VAT)

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